Friday, September 15, 2017

Book Review :: I Can't Sleep

I Can't Sleep! - Stephanie Blake

"Simon’s little brother can’t sleep without his special blanket. In this new book with the bestselling rabbit, Simon needs to show how brave he can be."

Simon is back, with his little bro this time.  A relatable tale (because losing those special items #shudder), with a certain sweetness in Simon's care and protectiveness of his little brother.  Truth be told, I didn't really feel the love for this one.  Initially this series felt light-hearted and funny.  To a degree I still find them funny, but overall I'm not drawn to them anymore.  Simon has grown up a lot (yay!), but now it's his little brother's turn to display behaviours I don't dig.  #sigh.  Simon fans will find the instalment more or less on par with the others.  If you haven't fallen out of love with Simon and co. you should enjoy it.

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