Saturday, September 23, 2017

Book Review :: Tell It to the Moon

Tell It to the Moon - Siobhan Curham

"Tell It to the Moon continues the story of Moonlight Dreamers Amber, Maali, Sky and Rose, who are not like everyone else and don't want to be: becoming friends gives them the courage to be themselves."

So you should easily be able to pick whether this read is a fit for you, purely based on the cover, title and tagline.  It's slightly grittier than you'd expect, touching on a number of relevant, teen concerns.  There's also the expected amount of glitter and poems and sentimentality.  Just go in knowing this and you'll be totally fine.

Tell It to the Moon gets a bunch of big ticks ✔✔.  First up - diversity, and not just lip service either! Yuss!  Secondly -  empowering girls to: dream big, believe in selves, be true to selves, conquer fears and stick it to the man, amongst other stuff.  I mean, I know that sounds like a massive cheese-fest, but it gave me good feels and we all need a few of those right?  It totally took me back to my early teens, all the fawning over boys, journaling my probs, dreaming about the magic future and hanging out with my besties.

Yes, there's overuse of Oscar Wilde quotes (already well overused, in my opinion - sorry Osc).  There's also more than a passing resemblance to the Sisterhood books - though at least that comes with hefty amounts of all for one and one for all + got ur back.  LOVE.  If only all teenagers had such solid, dependable friendships to fall back on.

Tell It to the Moon seems likely to appeal most to younger teens - 14 and up.  It's really a sweet story, covers a wide scope of experiences - from the homeschooled girl figuring out the high school system for the first time, to family medical crises, to figuring out sexual and personal identity, etc.  And that's really just the tip of the iceberg.

Tell It to the Moon and Moonlight Dreamers (book 1) are available in stores now.

Review copy provided by Walker Books

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