Saturday, September 2, 2017

Book Review :: Ten Pound Pom

Ten Pound Pom - Carole Wilkinson & Liz Anelli

"Part of the new-look award-winning Our Stories series, this is a modern Australian immigration story.

This story follows the journey of a young girl who is leaving everything behind to live in a new country.  I'm putting this one in our Top Ten for 2017, loved it.

There's a fair amount of text, so this would really suit a slightly older reader - I'd say Eleanor's age (7) is a great age to start.  There's a historical element, but this is very much a story, made all the more interesting for the historical backdrop.

I absolutely fell in love with the detailed illustrations, and the details in general.  As the character (this is an autobiographical story) travels through different countries, she collects special souvenirs to mark the journey.  She makes a friend on board the ship, and they listen to Cliff Richard records in her little bunk-room.  This totally would have captured my imagination big time, when I was about Eleanor's age.

Due for release on Oct 1st, this one is SO worth checking out.  I'm looking forward to seeing where else this series goes, too!

Review kindly provided by Walker Books

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