Friday, September 1, 2017

Book Review :: We're Going on a Bear Hunt activity books

It should come a no surprise that I love these little books.  How perfectly would they have fit this little explorer party?  These two books are ideal companions, one for informing and one requiring input.  Perfect if you're homeschooling, perfect to use for extension activities in the classroom.  Perfect for independent peops who have an interest in the natural world (or for parents hoping to inspire more interest in the natural world).  In short, perfect for everyone!  Yay!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - My Adventure Field Guide

I just love the cover for this one!  It's a nice size for slipping into a bag when you're heading out for an adventure.  If doing so, I would suggest picking a section and pre-reading it and planning your adventure from there.  There are plenty of activities to choose from - e.g. cloud spotting, making mud bricks, building a worm farm and a bunch more.

The field guide actively encourages heading out and observing nature, offering supplementary information to guide and enhance your observation.  Expect to find charts, descriptions and a bunch of cute illustrations, covering everything from the water cycle to how light works to climate change and heaps more.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - My Explorer's Journal

Super cute!  The journal features an elastic clasp holding the pages together - perfect for storing leaves and pressed flowers inside the pages of the book.  Just like the field guide, the journal has activities and tasks to be completed.  There are also plenty of tips and accompanying facts to supplement the many pages waiting to be filled.

These are such pretty, inviting books.  I can see them being pored over all summer long.  They'll definitely capture inquisitive minds, and there are enough activities to keep little people busy for a very long time!

Honestly, the hardest decision for me is whether I'll gift these to the kids (they're perfect gifts!), or save them to use as teaching resources.

Review copy kindly provided by Walker Books

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