Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Walker Christmas List pt. 1

Walker Books have a ton of sweeeeet books, perfect for the Christmas season.  If you're anything like me then books are staple under-the-tree treats, and there's nothing better than a Christmas book with little extras to extend the fun.

"A kit to make your own spinning globe, plus an illustrated explorer's guide packed with information, providing a unique introduction to our world."

This is one of my top faves from the current collection.  It's packed with info, all presented in a very visually appealing way.  The book contains snapshots of mega-cities, famous faces and endangered animals - amongst SO much more.  Think bite-sized encyclopaedia with vibrant illustrations and nuggets of information to chew on.  The book is presented in a box that contains the makings and instructions for a spinning globe.  Sweeeet!  I know what Eleanor will be up to come Christmas morning...  (Extra coolness - the illustrated icons on the spinning globe correspond with sections of the book 😍).

Due November 1st RRP $37.99

Busy Builders Airport - Timothy Knapman and Carles Ballesteros

"Open up the box and build your own 92-cm airport play set!

This little treat of a book could not have come at a better time.  As we plan the details for our first big ticket international trip (after Christmas), we will be studying every little detail of this book with the kids - to prep them for what I consider one of the trickiest aspects of traveling with kids - THE AIRPORT.  

Not only does this little book box-set contain a piece-together airport (complete with model planes and a runway), but the book itself is filled with a detailed run-down of how airports work.  I now consider this book to be a vital part of our travel preparations, as well as being an entertaining (and fun) Christmas day read.

Out now RRP $27.99

"This interactive guide features dragons from around the globe. It comes with a tuck box containing precut pieces to build a beautifully artworked European dragon with motorised wings and movable jaws."

Our kids will definitely be kept nice and busy on Christmas day (er, while the baby plays with the wrapping paper - forgot about him).  This one contains the makings for a wind-up motor dragon, whaaaaaat?!  So cool!  As an aside, Zan will also be kept busy, Christmas morning 😏.  Build the Dragon comes from the creator of those Dragonology books that were super popular a wee while back.  I always thought those books were the business, and now that I have kids I can fully rationalize buying them, yuss!  Additionally, Build the Dragon has a handy guidebook that fills you in on pertinent dragon 'facts', such as dragon habitats, diets and of course, magical powers.  This is a fun one!

Due November 1st RRP $27.99

Where's Wally?  Destination: Everywhere! - Martin Hanford

"Celebrate the first 30 years of Where's Wally? with this exclusive anniversary album from Wally to his fans."

Where's Wally has long been the saviour of our mornings (though now in competition with Asterix!).  Our earliest riser is a big-time fan, and will contentedly pore over every detail until the rest of us are ready to start the day.  Thus, we are always grateful to update our Wally collection.  Destination: Everywhere! reimagines some of the most classic Wally scenes, with a bunch of new games to play.  Presented in hardback with fabric binding, this edition feels very luxe and Christmas-worthy.

Out now RRP $32.99

I have mooooore pretty books to share soon, including some fun titles for Harry Potter fans!  Rejoice!

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