Friday, October 27, 2017

A Walker Christmas List pt. 2

Am I premature in posting Christmas book/gift recommendations?  I mean, 80% of my presents are organised, but I'm thinking I might not be with the majority on this 😂😂.  Well bear with me, and save these suggestions for when you are ready.  Next month, Christmas Eve, whatevs.

Merry Christmas, Mary Christmas! - Laurie Friedman & Kathryn Durst

"Mary Christmas wants to love Christmas, but she doesn't love her family's over-the-top celebration. The tree sticks through the roof--it's too big! The lights suck all the power--there are too many!"

As long time readers will know, we are one of those families that love to add a Christmas book to our collection each year.  We gift ours to the kids on Christmas Eve and enjoy cups of hot chocolate while we share it.  It's our favourite.  This year we'll add Merry Christmas, Mary Christmas! to our collection, yuss! 

This title is a little different to others we have.  Truth be told, I might not have ordered it from book depository based on the cover image alone, which makes me super glad to have been sent a copy (I am SO grateful for this confounding privilege!).  What I do love about the illustrations is that they are crammed with Christmassy details, a recipe for utter happiness.  What I don't love about the illustrations is the colour palette and the too-wide mouths of the characters (reminds me of that facebook messanger filter that I use to scare my sisters).

Illustrations aside (and they've grown on me), I so appreciate the story.  I'm glad that my kids will read this message and mull it over.  What the kiddos don't realise yet is that I'm downscaling our present pile this year (hence 80% organised 😀), so this book should set things up nicely #evilgrin.

Due November 1st RRP $27.99

The Princess in Black / Three Smashing Adventures - Shannon Hale, Dean Hale & LeUyen Pham

Who says princesses can’t wear black? This instant collection of the first three adventures in the New York Times best-selling series makes a perfect gift.

Ever since this Princess in Black book hit our mailbox, the kids have been obSESSED!  They were over the moon when this wee set arrived.  Containing the first three stories (and a cute sheet of stickers), this box set is such a sweet gift for a young reader.  The stories are short in length and feature a larger font, with loads of pictures.  They would perfectly suit a reader moving into chapter books for the first time.  That said, Garland isn't reading and LOVES them, and Eleanor reads at an 11yo level and LOVES them.  So, no boundaries, peops!  These are winners!

The Princess in Black stories have a fun cast of characters, humour, and gorgeous, exuberant illustrations.  The packaging is SO nice, dem shiny covers and page borders.  Little details that lift these above the rest.  And if you need to save a little money this year, split the box set amongst three young peops!  Ten bucks a pop for luxe, quality books ---> bam.

Due November 1st RRP $29.99

Cinderella - Jane Ray

"The story of Cinderella told through six beautifully illustrated 3D peep-through tableaux."

Oh.  Melt.  This is such a beautiful little book, and definitely worthy of under-the-tree status.  I'm basically obsessed with pop-up books (um, who isn't?!).  This one brings all the magic, with peep-through dioramas featuring intricate details.  This small book (with delightful gold foil details on the cover) will fit neatly into a stocking.  So precious.

Out now RRP $32.99

The Amazing Animal Atlas - Dr Nick Crumpton & Gaia Bordicchia

"There was never an atlas as astounding, as absorbing, as astronomical, as attractive as The Amazing Animal Atlas!"

Well, this one won't fit in a stocking!  Definitely the perfect gift for any animal lover.  This one is filled with animal info, covering animals from every continent.  There are additional extras such as 'The Tree of Life' (so cool!) and a chapter on Animals in Crisis, as well as some practical ideals for how we can help make our planet healthy.  There's a handy index at the back to help you keep track of all your faves, too!

While I traditionally favour paint or pencil illustrations, I enjoyed these digital renderings.  There's a fineness to the detail, perfect composition and soft, pleasing colour choices.  The book feels 'science-y' and a little artsy at the same time.  The cover is especially well done, with silver foil details and a classic yet modern design. 

Best of all, the book itself is made using 100% eco friendly methods.  Sweet!

Due November 1st $44.99

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