Thursday, October 12, 2017

Book Review :: The Very Noisy Baby

The Very Noisy Baby - Alison Lester

"Here is the story of a very noisy baby.
She could bellow like a buffalo
And roar like a lion
And howl like a wolf for a very long time."

We are absolute Alison Lester fans, so this one was a safe bet for us.  #notwrong.  Lester has the sweetest illustrations to pair with her way cute stories.  I'm in LOVE with the colour palette Lester uses, as per.  How utterly sweet is that cover??!

The Very Noisy Baby is ideal for sharing with babies and toddlers.  It has a simple, repetitive story and clean, uncluttered illustrations.  The story gives ample opportunity for making animal sounds which, correct me if I'm wrong, babies lurrrrve.  With the exception of mooing, in Wilco's case, #definiteno.  Definitely a very sweet edition to the baby book collection 😍

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