Saturday, December 30, 2017

Home in the Rain

Home in the Rain - Bob Graham

"The extraordinary touches a seemingly ordinary moment of family life, in this tender, heart-warming story from the award-winning Bob Graham."

Before bringing us The Poesy Ring, Bob Graham created Home in the Rain (amongst other, undiscovered by me titles).  It's a beautiful book, and worthy winner of the CBCA Picture Book of the Year (2017.)  Home in the Rain depicts the simple joys found in the everyday.  Francie and her Mum are returning home from Grandma's, navigating the motorway in the pouring rain.  They pull over for a picnic, stop to collect more petrol, and discuss what they might name Francie's soon-to-be sister.  The illustrations create an evocative, dreamy atmosphere, to complement the tender moments between mother and kiddo.  It had me yearning for rainy day adventures, and mentally reminding myself that every day is an adventure, especially when you're little.

Love love loved this book.  Absolute favourite.

Review copy kindly provided by Walker Books

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