Friday, January 12, 2018

Me Too

Me Too - Erika Geraerts & Charl Laubscher, illustrated by Gatsby

"A story about imagining the very best kind of friend you could have."
Me Too would make a cute gift for a girlfriend or a partner.  The colours and design have a Frankie magazine vibe - mustard, teal, grey and a hint of dusky pink.  Visually and thematically, Me Too looks and reads like a short and sweet coffee table fave.

In terms of kiddo reads, this is a pass from me.  Partly because I'm not sure kids (or mine, at least) would be all that interested - the story features two children but it feels more adult (e.g. bringing your bestie breakfast in bed).  Also because the greater essence of the story feels very heterosexual romance - accidental social conditioning and all that... This latter is largely to do with the boy/girl illustrations (not the text), but when coupled with the yearning quest to find a soul mate, it just doesn't  quitesit right.

I'll def find a bestie to give this to.  Perfect Galentine gift.

Review copy kindly provided by Walker Books.

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