Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bird Books for Bubs

We arrived home from our trip away to find these three new titles, all featuring feathery friends.  Perfect.  Birds are my total fave.  In order of most enjoyed:

Bird Builds a Nest - Martin Jenkens & Richard Jones

"This beautiful picture book is the perfect introduction to forces and the concept of pushing and pulling, and is the third in the new Science Story Book series from Walker Books." - Walker Books Aus

This one is MADE for the early classroom which always tends to make books popular with me.  On the surface, the simple story of a bird, doing it's birdy thang.  Simultaneously a child-geared explanation of how forces work, applied to the ways in a which a bird employs them.  Very cool.  The book finishes with a simple science experiment, again lending itself perfectly to the classroom.  Featuring lovely illustrations with a timeless, retro feel.

Bird to Bird - Claire Saxby & Wayne Harris

"Claire Saxby and Wayne Harris have crafted a gentle story of nature, history, recycling and art." - Walker Books Aus

Bird to Bird glimpses into history as it details the lifespan of a tree, from seed (carried by bird), to furniture, to whittled bird toy.  I liked that Bird to Bird is grounded in a historical context.  The particular slice of history that it points towards is early Australian colonialism and the shipping of convicts to Aussie soil.  Prob not an area that especially interests me so I would likely pass on this one, but the concept is rock solid and sweetly executed.  The illustrations give additional details that will be interesting to littlies.  This one could easily be worked into an Australian history unit, with reference to how wood was recycled to suit different needs.

Splish, Splash, Ducky!  - Lucy Cousins

"A colourful, rhyming book showing the joys of a rainy day." - Walker Books Aus

This is definitely a pure entertainment, no 'secret learning' kinda book (as opposed to Science & History, above ^).  Filled with rhymes and onomatopoeia and playful silliness.  Toddlers will love and parents *may* tire of (speaking for self).  Best time to read this book?  Post rainy walk with puddle jumping.  After a warming bath and once snuggly pjs are donned.  Bubbas will love identifying all the different creatures that ducky befriends.  Dads will enjoy a story where the Papa is the go-to parent.

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