Friday, July 13, 2018

Walker Books - Cosy Tales

We're Getting A Cat - Vivian French & Salvatore Rubbino

"Dad is terrified of mice and, after several sleepless nights, decides they should get a cat. They meet Kevin the cat in a rescue home – he's big and strong, and they're sure he'll catch all of the mice. But Kevin has other ideas…" - Walker Books UK

If you're thinking of getting a cat, or even if you have one already, this is a sweet little book about pet care.  With enough story to make it fun, and packed with details for taking care of your furry pal, this one's a keeper.  The book perfectly blends fiction and non-fiction.  It features a handy index and short bursts of factual info, side by side with the story of a family figuring out whether they can keep a non-mouse-catching cat. The illustrations are expressive and detailed, nicely balancing negative space.

Currently available in stores.

Want to Play Trucks? - Ann Stott & Bob Graham

"Jack likes trucks. Alex likes dolls. What will they play together? Their new favourite game, of course!" - Walker Books Aus

Bob Graham is fast becoming my ultimate favourite childrens illustrator.  He captures so much sweet detail.  Want to Play Trucks? features an illustrated back-story between the mothers of the two children, and it's seriously too great (and very relatable).  So many little details and a diverse range of side characters, this book is worth the pennies just for perusing the pictures.

That said, I also love the story.  Two best buds compare the qualities of their favourite toys (a big noisy truck vs. a glittery ballerina doll) and figure out how to adapt their game to suit everyones needs.  In the end the little boys figure out there is something they definitely have in common.

Available in paperback August 1st.

Maya & Cat - Caroline Magerl

"On a roof, as wet as a seal, as grey as a puddle, Cat was rumbling, a rumbly purr. What does Cat want most? Feather boas? Pretty pink shoelaces? A boatful of fish under a tiny tin sail – or perhaps something much more valuable? Affectionate and evocative, Maya and Catfollows a child’s kindly impulse to an unexpected conclusion." - Walker Books Aus

Maya & Cat is a pretty nice accompaniment to We're Getting a Cat (reviewed above), though this one is all fantasy.  The ink and watercolour illustrations are evocative (especially the wild, grey ocean and sweet little house boat < LOVE).  This is the ultimate cosy tale.  A story of courage and friendship, set in a wild and stormy cityscape.  Expressive and moody illustrations, gorgeous poetic language, and an ending that is just too sweet.

Available August 1st.

I am Little Fish!  A Finger Puppet Book - Lucy Cousins

"Dip, dive and swim along to the deep-sea rhyming story, with a colourful finger puppet and peek-a-boo holes on every page." - Walker Books Aus

I may not be the biggest Maisy fan, but the Little Fish stories are so popular with Wilco that I have been somewhat won over.  Cousins' illustration style will never be my favourite, but the bold, simple images DO appeal to our littlest.  There's loads of rich vocab, always welcome in a board book.  The addition of a finger puppet makes this one especially fun, too.

Available August 1st.

All books kindly provided by Walker Books

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