Welcome to the The Golden Adventures of a Dark Horse!  

My name is Stella, and I live in the wild north of New Zealand, somewhere between the sand dunes and the mountains.  

The Golden Adventures is a landing space for photographs and occasional thoughts.  Expect to find book reviews (Children's, Middle Grade, Young Adult and Adult Fiction), crafty projects, local travel, children's birthday parties, quirk and... stuff.  Yeah.  

Those are my kids ^

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Peace out x


  1. Uggg too beautiful!! Sometimes I just can't handle it and have to take a breather then come back!! You are such a talented gal x

  2. I love the last one with the cat! Adorable! I'm off to Around the Table too! :)

  3. Very nice to meet you, Stella. x

  4. Hello family.i have jumped back into your lovely blog world. Much love. Josie

  5. That little picture of the toadstool party is what dreams are made of. Glad I stopped by x

  6. Hello! Love your work, please email me at jdemontravel@beckett.com. Thank you!