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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paper dolls for fairies?

One thing that I've noticed about moving to the country, is that our lives have become much busier.  You'd think it would be the opposite, but I guess it comes with belonging to a community.  Nearly every day we have someone to see or something to do, and often quite a list of both.  It's a far cry from our quiet city days, and while it can be tiring sometimes, I do love it.  Oh dear, I fear I sound like Mrs Bennet here, declaring the number of families she dines with to the Bingley sisters...

But basically it means a little less time for crafts (though winter is looming of course, so there is that), illustration, and writing.  We are all about babies and business and socialising.  I did have time to cut out these ridiculously tiny paper dolls though.  They are a perfect size to be paper dolls for my paper dolls, which are a perfect size to be paper dolls for normal sized paper dolls.  Are you still with me?  Paper dolls for the paper dolls of paper dolls.  Aiight?

These are the ways in which I find amusement, it would seem.  If you would like a set of your own ridiculously tiny paper dolls, just buy a set of these Paper Pocket Friends, and cut out the ones on the label.  That's what I did except I didn't actually buy them, for obvious reasons.  Laughing like a crazy hyena while I did so... Eeeet's the smalllest paper doll in the wooooooorld!!!!!  Heeheheheheeeeeee!!!

I made some more of these too, for the fairies to buy.  Complete with handmade envelopes the size of my littlest finger nail.  Why did I make these?  Because it sure beats trying to work out how to do our tax return.

This one is sick, but recovering.

This one keeps trying to roll.  Bit soon dontcha think little fellow?  He also wears floral onesies, because I'm that mum.  Yeah.

I finished this portrait.  It took me an eternity, but it's one of my all time faves./I'm only responsible for the drawing part of this image, the photo and the idea belong to the lovely recipient!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little Things for Little Folk

I can't remember being so creatively satisfied as I was when I was designing and making favours for Eleanor's birthday.  A combination of so many things: Paper craft, stationery, miniatures, paper dolls, DIY, cute packaging, illustration and more...  I'm thinking about creating a line of bits and pieces that are expressly made to use as party favours - though of course they can be bought individually too.  I'm thinking I will make custom favours, as well as generic ones too (working on a version of the teepee favour at the moment).

The packaging is fun!  These are an old design, repackaged.  I feel like I'm working in a factory.  But in a fun way, not a stink way.

Still having trouble with the packaging for these though, the bags I have are a tad big.  At first I was just going to have one doll in each pack.  But then I realised that they needed to have a friend with them.

So two in each set.  One big, one little.  Your choice of each.

 These are a variation on the paper bunting we made a few Christmases ago.  But this time in colour, and printed onto postcards.  A postcard and a gift all in one you see?  For those hard-to-buy-for's that happen to live overseas also.  So guess what my bros are getting for their birthdays this year!  Wrong.  They'll probably still get nothing because I'm useless at sending letters, as well as remembering birthdays...  I packaged these up in sets of six with 3 cards of each design.

Ah, the miniest of things, and totally unplanned too.  I have cut & constructed two sets of the magnets so far, and both have disappeared already.  Rosa-May said "I want that for my birthday" and snatched one out of my hands.  Fair enough.  It was her birthday about two months ago.  I keep talking about 'what I'm gonna get you', and I think she realised that none of these wonderful items were ever going to eventuate so she worked out her own solution.

And these are too ridiculously small for words.  The bunting would need to be glued or blue-tacked to the surface of your choice, too little to do anything else with really.  Maybe you would draw the string instead of trying to attach anything to them.  I don't know, but they're cute.  Fairy sized...  And the greeting card (with a teeny handmade envelope that it actually fits inside) is begin enough to sign your name with an X and that's about all.  They would be cute presents from the Tooth Fairy, who is still a long way off from visiting our house.

I think I just make these things for myself, because I'm not sure who would buy them.  It makes the packaging a little unnecessary, but that's part of the fun for me.  What else would I do with a whole bunch of ziplock bags that are just big enough to hold a ten cent piece?